Our Expertise

Our core expertise is in the area of High-Pressure Alkaline Hydrolysis (Both Catalytic & Non-Catalytic), Catalytic Hydrogenation, Ammonolysis, Specialized Neutralizations; though we do work in other reaction chemistries also.

Solutions Offered By Us

We offer customised solutions in the area of research of synthetic chemistry for Process Development and Fine-tuning of Chemical Processes in the field of the above reactions chemistries, offering services of

  • Identification of the most suitable and cost-effective process conditions
  • Identification of suitable solvents
  • Identification of suitable catalyst for the reactions
  • Establishing the selectivity parameters

Custom Manufacturing & Tooling

Besides scaling up of the process we offer service of Custom Manufacture & Toll Manufacture of Chemicals using the above reaction chemistries in our state-of-the-art plant. This service is offered for

  • Molecules whose processes are developed in our R&D on behalf of the client for an agreed contract period
  • Molecules whose processes are provided by the Client for an agreed contract period

We also undertake the work of development of the Analytical Methods for the molecules whose processes are developed by us on behalf of a client.

Technology Transfer

The last part of our CRAMS services involves the Transfer of Technology developed for a client back to the client on agreed terms and conditions.

All the services offered by us are with a strong platform of confidentiality and intellectual property protection including joint patent filings along with the clients.

Our Service Design

  • Signing of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement with the partner
  • Quick response about technical feasibility
  • Submission of business protocol either priced of Fixed Bids, Fee for Service (FFS) or Full Time Employment basis
  • Signing of the Project Contract
  • Allocation of a team based on the final Project Contract
  • Project Start: Communication protocols during project implementation
  • Final delivery of the contracted product and / service
  • Sharing of analytical data and processes strictly adhering to the contract
  • Final report of the project
Contract Manufacturing | CDMO Pharma - Kajay Remedies
Confidential Contract Manufacturing | Kajay Remedies

Confidentiality Report

We ensure client's IPR protection through

  • Sharing information on Need-to-Know basis during project implementationr
  • Quick response about technical feasibility
  • Restricted access and efficient data archiving / retrieval system
  • Stringent systems for Quality, Confidentiality and Data security
  • Need based IT & Project management systems tools
  • Employees at Kajay Remedies Pvt. Ltd. are signatory to back-to-back confidentiality agreement


We offer Customs Research and Manufacturing Services in the area of Alkaline Hydrolysis, Catalytic Hydrogenation and Ammonolysis along the entire length of:

  • Process Development
  • Process Scale-up
  • Analytical Methods Development
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Technology Transfer
  • Intellectual Property Protection

If the above chemistries are critical for the manufacture of your Final Product and you need to develop the above process and also gradually scale-up the volumes until you are ready to undertake manufacture on your own, come to us and make use of our Services.