2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid

2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid, also known as o-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C8H8O3. Its chemical structure consists of a phenolic ring bearing a hydroxyl group (OH) at the ortho position and a carboxylic acid group (-CH2COOH) at position 1. This unique arrangement of functional groups imparts distinctive properties to the compound, rendering it valuable in various applications.

1. Solid State: 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid exists as a white or Light-Pink crystalline solid at room temperature. The compound's solid-state property makes it suitable for various applications, particularly in pharmaceuticals.

2. Solubility: It exhibits moderate solubility in water, which may vary depending on the temperature and pH of the solution. This solubility characteristic opens up potential applications in aqueous formulations.

3. Stability: The compound possesses reasonable stability under ambient conditions, making it suitable for various industrial and research applications.

  • Chemical Formula : C8H8O3
  • CAS No : 614-75-5
  • EC No : 210-393-2
  • Assay by HPLC : Minimum 97.00%
  • Chlorides as NaCl : Maximum 0.50%
  • Moisture : Maximum 0.50%
  • Packaging : The product is packaged as 25 kg net weight in HDPE woven bags with polyliner.


The unique properties of 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid have found applications in diverse industries. Let's explore some of its notable uses:

One of the prominent applications of 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid lies in the pharmaceutical industry. It serves as a crucial intermediate in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical compounds. Through chemical modifications of 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid, pharmaceutical researchers can introduce specific functional groups to tailor the properties of the final drug product, optimizing efficacy and minimizing side effects.

The compound's mild acidity and aromatic properties make it valuable in cosmetic and personal care formulations. It is used in the synthesis of fragrances and as an ingredient in skincare products due to its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The ability of 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid to influence pH levels in formulations further enhances its utility in this industry.

2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid has also found applications in the agricultural sector. As a precursor for the synthesis of herbicides and plant growth regulators, it plays a crucial role in enhancing crop yield and protecting plants from unwanted weeds.

In addition to its direct applications, 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid serves as a versatile chemical intermediate. It participates in various organic reactions, contributing to the synthesis of diverse compounds in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries.

In research laboratories, 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid finds use as a building block for the construction of more complex molecules. Its reliable availability and ease of handling make it a convenient choice for organic chemists exploring novel chemical pathways and synthesizing new compounds.



2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid exemplifies the incredible potential of organic compounds to revolutionize different industries. Its unique structure and properties enable its applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agriculture, and beyond. As scientific knowledge and technology continue to advance, the diverse applications of 2-Hydroxy Phenyl Acetic Acid will likely expand, contributing to the development of more efficient and effective products across various sectors. From its role in drug synthesis to its contributions to agricultural advancements, this remarkable compound demonstrates the significant impact that chemistry has on our modern world.