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Formiphen - Higher Quality Rubber Sheets, Faster

Formiphen is a unique latex coagulation solution developed by KAJAY REMEDIES for the natural rubber industry.

Older methods of rubber sheet manufacture require careful preparation of Formic Acid and other antifungal chemicals, and you're still not guaranteed high-grade output. Formiphen is a ready-to-use formulation, and our single product guarantees a minimum RSS-4 Grade output, accelerates coagulation and drying processes, provides anti-fungal and anti-mould prop3erties, and more.

  • Minimum RSS-4 Grade Output
  • Stunning Golden Honey Colour
  • Faster Coagulation & Drying
  • Higher Storage Life
  • Non-tacky, Non-sticky, & Rust Free
  • Premixed & Ready to Use

Formiphen vs. Other Industry Standards

Formiphen was created with one core vision - to revolutionize the Latex Natural Rubber industry. We have created a one-of-a-kind anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formulation that guarantees a minimum RSS-4 Grade rubber and reduces the coagulation and drying period by nearly half, giving you higher yields and greater profits.

Ready to Use Product - Para nitro phenol-based fungicides + NEW ACTIVE INGREDIENT, Formiphen is a 'Targeted Fungicide Delivery Solution'

Minimum RSS-4 Grade Guarantee - With a single product, get minimum RSS-4 grade rubber quality

Faster Coagulation - Formiphen promotes faster coagulation when compared to regular formic acid-based process and other INFERIOR Formulations offered by local vendors

Faster Drying - Sheets can be dried in 3-4 days as opposed to 7-8 days in conventional methods

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Challenges that Formiphen Eliminates

Prevents mould and fungi

Vulcanized natural rubber is highly susceptible to mould & fungi and this results in a lot of damage and loss. Formiphen is a complete anti- mould and anti-fungi solution that keeps your rubber sheets healthy and safe.

Handling of chemicals

Cultivators have to handle and mix chemicals like Formic Acid and Para Nitrophenol to promote latex coagulation and prevent mould and fungi. Formiphen is a premixed, ready-to-use solution NOW Consisting of 3 Ingredients - Formic Acid, Para Nitrophenol & New Active Ingredient.

Coagulation and drying take time

The longer it takes for latex to coagulate to rubber sheets and for the sheets to dry, the longer cultivators have to wait before they can earn. Formiphen cuts the coagulation and drying time by almost half.

Damages during storage

In a lot of cases, cultivators lose rubber sheets to moisture and other natural damage. Formiphen increases the storage life of rubber sheets, giving cultivators better revenue.


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